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Ropelli is constantly looking for new developments and styles. Because of its knowledge and experience in the industry, Ropelli knows what is important for its customers. “We are constantly searching for new looks and new trends. It fascinates us enormously. Our strength is that we see new trends at an early stage and offer them to our customers, converted into a product.We know what goes around in the world of leather and seating furniture. The basic material of our leather comes from Europe

South America, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand. Due to close cooperation with several tanneries, we have a wide variety of expertise. The right combination of tannery, raw material and article is crucial. It is not just about making an article that is valued by the consumer. It is essential that our suppliers have their production process in order: we have learned expensive lessons in the past.

This experience now helps us in advising our customers and making the best choices. ”

Manufacturers of seating furniture can distinguish themselves with style and design. Upholstery material also determines the look for a greater part and our objective is to give our customers an extra tool for that. There are countless possibilities.

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