leather for designers


Ropelli has put together a contemporary stock collection. These items can be ordered per skin. You will find the information regarding each item and the available colors. Please note, this is only a small part of a large selection of quality leather (over 500 colors and articles) which we have at our disposal.

Twilight Cognac 16022


Open structure

Twilight is a beautiful combination of thick luxury Saddle leather and a used vintage look.

Vegas Saddle 17001


Covered leather

Practical to use but with a beautiful, slightly classic, vintage finish.

Rebound Cognac 23002


Covered leather

Practical to use but with a vintage ‘look’.

Outback Cognac 40003


Covered leather

‘Easy Vintage’ leather which is strong and practical, but still with a vintage effect.

Ecosoft Avio 91205


Covered leather

Ecosoft has a fine structure, feels very soft and is practical to use as well.


Covered leather

Coach has a natural grain and soft two-tone finish. Easy to clean.

Bridge Olive 81055


Oild leather

Leather as it was meant to be.

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